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HackGwinnett3: October 28, 2023

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HackGwinnett features mentors, workshops, and prizes, and strives to build an inclusive environment for individuals interested in technology. They run Panel Series and HackFest events for younger kids interested in technology.
HackGwinnett's signature event is its annual hackathon, free of cost, hosted at GSMST for high school students all over Metro Atlanta. Here, students gather to create innovative solutions to real-world problems within a short time constraint.
Be on the lookout for HackGwinnett's third hackathon on October 28th to build awesome projects, participate in enriching workshops, and make new friends!

HackGwinnett3 Information

At HackGwinnett3 this year, we are offering 7 workshops:
  • Front End Development (EASY):
    Dive into the world of HTML/CSS/JS with an introduction to websites and front-end code.
  • Mobile App Development (ADVANCED):
    Learn how to construct a mobile app using React Native and Expo.
  • Functional Programming (EASY):
    Check out the concept of functional programming: programs solely from functions.
  • Intro to Continuous Integration (ADVANCED):
    Immerse yourself in the Git universe for building and testing new programs.
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (INTERMEDIATE):
    Create ML models and use AI algorithms and RNNs to solve real-world problems.
  • Basic Cryptography (EASY/INTERMEDIATE):
    Explore encryption, decryption, and several ciphers in programming.
  • Computer Vision (ADVANCED):
    Build a computer vision, image-based Convolutional Neural Network using Tensorflow.
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